Automotive technician performing Car Jump Start Services on a dead car
Automotive technician performing Car Jump Start Services on a dead car

Car Jump Start Service – Getting You On Your Way Quickly And Affordably

Most people take for granted that their car engine is going to start up when they turn the key in the ignition.

That is – until it doesn’t.

We understand it’s not a pleasant experience getting stuck in your garage, a driveway, parking lot or a holiday destination location in a remote area due to the car battery being down.

In those situations, you need a car jump start service company that’s quick to respond.

As a professional towing service and roadside assistance company, One Click Towing in Cincinnati OH is always there to quickly help jump your battery or transport your vehicle to an auto repair shop if it’s something more involved.

Feel free to give us a call at (513) 216-0887 and one of our knowledgeable towing service professionals will gladly help to get you the help you need.

Here’s some reasons why you should choose One Click Towing Company today…

  • Highly reviewed by past towing service customer in Cincinnati
  • Affordable flat rates available inside Cincinnati Oio
  • 24 hour service / 7 days a week – there when you need us
  • Full tow truck and equipment for your unique situation
  • Experienced service technicians can charge your battery on site

Car batteries die for all sorts of reasons.  One of the most frustrating is an overnight drain on a perfectly healthy battery.  Here’s some precautions you can take to avoid draining a newer battery