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Differentiating Flatbed Towing With Dolly Truck Towing

When your car has broken down on the road or when you had an accident, you might need service from a tow truck company. But with different towing services, which one would be best suited for you? Let us help you find out by differentiating flatbed towing and dolly towing

Dolly Towing

Dolly towing is an older form of towing and is commonly referred to as the hook method. With this towing method, either the front wheels or the back wheels will be hooked onto the dolly trailer. The two wheels that are hooked will be lifted above ground while the other two won’t.

Flat Bed Towing

The other method called flatbed towing makes use of hydraulics for the bed to be in an inclined position. Once inclined, the car to be towed can easily be placed on it. The car can be driven onto the bed or can be pulled by a winch. Most of the cars that require flatbed towing are the 4-wheel drives and other heavy machinery.

Which Is Safer?

Flatbed towing is the safest route to tow a vehicle because the car’s powertrain won’t need adjustments. Also, the whole car is lifted off the road so it wouldn’t be exposed to the wear and tear that a dolly towed car would receive.

Due to the higher level of security and safety that flatbed tow trucks offer, they are more preferred by those who are transporting their luxury cars and vintage vehicles. However, there is still one drawback to this method and that is the expensive price. Most of the luxury car owners don’t mind the extra payment as long as their vehicle reaches its destination safely.

Those who have a tighter budget and would need their vehicles towed at a shorter distance are likely to choose dolly towing. Although they come with an increased risk of damaging the vehicle, they are very cheap and can do the job.


Towing services provided by companies can vary. Their methods also vary and some will be more suitable for various situations. If you are to choose between flatbed towing and dolly towing, flatbed towing will be your best bet if you want to safely transport your vehicle. On the other hand, if you don’t have much budget for the towing service, a dolly towing will suffice. It is effective in towing vehicles at a cheaper price but the risk of damaging your vehicle while on the road is also higher with it.

No matter what you choose, it is very important to figure out which company to work with. A reliable company can help lessen the risk of damage to your car and they will give you fewer headaches too.

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