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Get Your Car Ready For An Epic Road Trip

Spring season is road trip season.  And after the year we just had, we all deserve an epic one.

Whether you’re going with your friends or family, an epic road trip could only be achieved if you minimize car problems.

The last thing you’d want is to have to call for a long-distance towing service to fetch your vehicle and bring it back to your home mechanic. That will definitely ruin all the fun. If you are ready for an epic road trip, then you also have to make sure that your car is ready for it. Here are a few tips on what you should do.

Don’t Skip Tire Maintenance

Your tires are the ones that come in direct contact with the road. They receive much friction and carry the weight of the vehicle. It is therefore important that you make sure that they properly maintained. Here are the important things to check when it comes to tires:

Air Pressure

The air pressure must be kept optimal. This will help you better control the vehicle. It will also help prevent further damages to happen. The specific temperature for your vehicle can be found on the car’s manual. You should consult it when you are unsure.

When checking the tire pressure, make sure that you check it when you haven’t just driven your vehicle. Temperature can also affect the pressure and you’ll get a wrong reading if you check it right after driving it for a long time.

Tire Rotation

When was the last time you rotated your car tires? Did you know that your tires may receive wear and tear at different rates? If you drive a front-wheel drive, it is likely that those in the front would be easily damaged than those at the back. In order to prevent having to replace your tires prematurely, it is best to rotate them. However, you should also take note that tires have a lifespan and won’t last forever. Keep an eye on how much you’ve been driving and make sure that your tires are still good enough for that epic road trip.

Tire Condition

Another thing to check is your tire’s actual condition. Even if you maintain the right pressure and rotate your tires, you still don’t control the road. It is possible that there are materials on the road that could damage your vehicle. Check them visually. See if there are any bulges or other damages. The structural integrity shouldn’t be compromised. If it is, then it is best to change your tires or else risk having them blown out even with just a minor bump on a curb or pothole.

Check Your Fluids

The car runs on many fluids and not only on fuel. It is best to check not only the quantity but also the quality of your fluids. Sometimes, you might have to change them before your trip. If you regularly have your car maintained and service, then it is less likely for you to be in immediate need of fluid change. However, it is better to do it before rather than after your road trip. Just make sure that the proper fluids are used.

Other Routine Maintenance

Aside from the fluids, there are also other parts of your vehicle that you should check. They should be done regularly and especially when you’re going for a road trip.

Air Filters

The car doesn’t only have a single air filter, there are actually two kinds. One is for the air conditioning and the other is for the engine. Both should be checked and should be maintained. Clean air is needed by the passengers in the vehicle and air that is free of debris is needed by the engine.

Hoses And Belts

Another thing you should check is the belts and hoses. Remember that these can also naturally degrade and get damage. Replacing them will ensure that your car runs as smoothly as possible. A visual inspection can help you figure out of it is in dire need of a repair. See if there are frays or cracks. Also, check for leaks at the junction points of the hoses.

Electrical System

The car’s electrical system should also be maintained. Check all your lights and make sure that they are still working. Sometimes, your bulbs might also require replacement because they have already burned out. Usually, bulbs are easy to replace and most car shops carry them.

Clean Your Car

The epic road trip may be a long journey and you will certainly not be comfortable if your car is dirty. Don’t just wash the exterior, clean the interior too. Make sure there is no trash, spilled, or spoiled food. It is simply unhygienic and uncomfortable to have a road trip with a dirty vehicle.

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