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Tire Replacement: When And How Often Should You Do It?

Do you have a flat tire again? Didn’t you just have the front tire flat last week and this week one of your rear tires is flat again? If your car is prone to having flat tires, there may be potential risks on your route or you just might need to have them replaced.

Going through that same inconvenience of having a flat tire is irritating and frustrating. So ask yourself, when was the last time you replaced your tires? Sure you can temporarily repair flat tires but who wants the inconvenience of always having to do that.

By simply replacing your tires regularly, you’ll lessen the risk of having a flat. But how often do you really need to replace your tires and how do you know that they are in need of replacement? Today’s post is all about that. Below, we’ll discuss how often you should have them replaced and what signs to watch out for.

How Often And When Should I Replace My Tires?

There is no exact time span that you should meet to have your tires replaced. It will highly depend on your driving habits, the road conditions, and the weather conditions the tires have been exposed to.

However, if your car tires expire, then you should have them replaced even if you don’t use them often. Sometimes, the tire treads may still be good but if it is already old, it definitely needs to be replaced.

Usually, tires have a lifespan of 6 years. If you’re not sure about your tire’s age, check the tire wall. There is a Department of Transportation code on it and the last 4 numbers represent a date. The first two numbers will indicate the week of the year it was produced. The last two will indicate the year it was made.

Other Signs To Watch Out For

Tread Depth And Tread Wear Indicators

Aside from the age of the tires, you should also replace them according to their wear and tear. Tires have tire indicators, you can find them along the tire grove. If the tire tread already reaches the indicator, then you definitely need to replace your tires.

Another thing you should do is to measure the tire tread depth. If it is already lower than 0.16 cm, then your tire also needs to be replaced. The wear and tear of all your four tires may not match. That’s why it would be best to rotate them so they receive an even wear and tear.

Tire Performance

How your car performs can also indicate whether it needs replacement or not. You may notice that rides are rougher than before, which can be due to the natural wear and tear of your tires. Additionally, they can also get out of balance, which is why the smooth ride you once experienced is now replaced by a rougher and bumpier one.

Sometimes the tire becomes unbalanced even if the tire treads are still good and even if it isn’t past its expiration. With unbalanced tires, you should also take a look at the wheel and suspension. However, if it can’t be fixed, then you should just change the tire.

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