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Safety Tips To Off-Road Recovery 

We love to offroad, and believe it or not Cincinnati has some of the best terrain parks around.  From Hasipin Acres, to the Turkey Bay OHV area in Kentucky – you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.


While offroading generally bring a feeling of excitement and comradery. These feelings can change on a dime when you get stuck. Getting stuck and getting recovered is all part of the off-roading experience. Towing and roadside assistance is not that easy when the vehicle is found off-road.

How To Recover Off-road Vehicles Safely

Off-road vehicle recovery can be risky especially if done by inexperienced people. Not only is your vehicle at risk but innocent bystanders can also get hurt. So before you even attempt to get another vehicle unstuck, it is important to remember these tips:

Calm Yourself And Don’t Panic

Whether you are the owner of the vehicle that needs to be recovered or you’re the one who is in charge of recovering the stuck off-road vehicle, panicking just worsens the situation. If you panic, you can’t think clearly and is likely to make a bad decision. Even if you are faced in a situation where the vehicle might end up being completely damaged if it is not recovered immediately, there is no reason to panic.

Remember that the vehicle isn’t the only ones at risk. If you make poor decisions because you panicked, you also risk the lives of people, even innocent bystanders. Someone can get injured or even killed so you better think clearly before you act.

If someone is panicking, you should help them calm down. Panic can be contagious and even if you didn’t start it, you can be very well affected by it. Slow down and assess everything first. Create a plan of recovery before you actually do anything. Take a look at the stuck vehicle as well as its surroundings. Also, take note of the tools, equipment, and other resources that are currently available before starting the recovery process.

Let The Driver Stay In The Vehicle To Be Recovered

Unless the vehicle is about to fall off a cliff, is submerged in water or in a situation that could immediately take the life of the driver, you should let the driver inside the vehicle. The passenger, on the other hand, should wait at a safe distance away from the recovery site.

With the driver inside the vehicle, he can help maneuver the off-road vehicle when needed. The driver can also immediately use the brakes when the vehicle is already freed from where it was stuck to prevent it from crashing or moving towards more danger.

Instruct Bystanders To Keep Their Distance

A stuck off-road vehicle is a sight to see and it is also exciting to see what is done to have it recovered. However, bystanders shouldn’t be anywhere near the vehicle to be recovered. When something goes terribly wrong, the vehicle might swerve or turn and crash into them. Also, other debris like tree branches or rocks can come flying in various directions while the vehicle is being recovered.

Cover Your Winch Cable

Winch cables should always be inspected because they carry tremendous pressure when used. In the presence of any wear and tear, they should be immediately replaced. If not, then they are likely to snap.

Even if your cables look like in a perfect working condition, you should always cover them when used A heavy blanket will suffice. This prevents them from going everywhere when they snap. If they do snap, the blanket over them prevents them from flying around and causing more damage.

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