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Signs That Your Car Need A Tow

Some people know their cars well, while some do not. It’s good if you easily notice when something is wrong with your car but that isn’t true for all. Many drivers still don’t know if they already need to call for towing service when they feel that their car is acting up.

Some think that they’d still be able to go wherever they need to go without their car breaking down on the road. However, that may not be true at all times. Although modern vehicles are designed to be more reliable and safe today, there is still a chance that it breaks down and becomes a hazard.

Car accidents can happen at any time and the extent of the damage is unknown until it is over. If you feel that there is something wrong with your car, it is best to immediately contact someone for roadside assistance. Even if you observe that your car is having issues on non-essential parts like the windows, you should still have them checked and repaired. Doing this in advance prevents the damage or issue from worsening.

Difficulty In Driving

One of the signs that you should never ignore is when your car seems more difficult to drive than usual. You can feel this when it is challenging to handle the vehicle. Additionally, you may find that it doesn’t immediately accelerate or decelerate like it used to be.

In such cases, pushing your car and trying to drive it to the nearest mechanic can still be dangerous. It is possible for you to meet an accident along the way. It is best not to risk it and just call a towing service or roadside assistance.

Various Odors

Another thing to watch out for are various weird odors coming from your vehicle. This would be much easier to notice if you keep your car clean and throw away the trash. However, the odor can still be noticeable especially if it is coming from the direction of the engine.

At times, you can smell fuel while you also observe that the car isn’t running smoothly. There might also be a burnt rubber or plastic odor.

Smoke Or Unusual Exhaust

Things that you can observe include a smoking car engine or an unusual appearance of your exhaust. The smoke coming from the engine may be a sign of overheating and could eventually lead your car to stop so try to go over the side of the road if you can. For the exhaust, it is usually not visible. However, if you notice a cloud of smoke, you may already need to have your car checked. The color of the smoke is also important to note.

Warning Lights

Cars are built with sensors and they are there to tell you when there is something wrong happening to your vehicle. These warning lights are in the dashboard and you can easily notice them blinking or turned on. You must pay attention to them. Some of the warning lights include those for fuel level and temperature gauge for the engine.

Weird Sounds

Lastly, you should also watch out for unusual sounds that your car is making. A grinding noise that comes from the braking system isn’t a good sign. You should call a towing company right away when you hear it. Also, take note of the sound coming from the engine. Is it purring as it used to or do you hear screeching or knocking noises?

Final Words

It is important to pay attention to your car because it shows signs. Be on the look-out for the signs so that you can prevent yourself from meeting an accident. It is best to go on the side of the road and wait for a towing service rather than push your car and drive it to its limits.


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