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Things You Might Not Know About When Selling Your Car To A Wrecker

How many cars have you owned and what do you do with your old and used cars? For some people with huge garages, they may simply have the car stored in the garage. However, for most people, the best thing to do with a used car when you already have a new one is to sell it.

There are many different options when it comes to selling a used car. You can sell them online through various websites that post used vehicles. You can sell it to someone you know, trade it in at the car dealer or you can also go to a wrecker.

When we talk about sending a car to a wrecker, we would usually assume that the car is totaled. However, wreckers also accept used cars even if they aren’t totaled yet. Selling your used car to a wrecker is a good option if you want to sell the car as quickly as possible.

However, even if it could be a fast deal, there are still some things you should know about when selling your car to the wrecker. This will help you realize if selling it to the wrecker is your best option.

Quickly Sell The Vehicle

One clear advantage of selling your car to the wrecker is being able to sell it quickly. If you sell it through other means, you have to be patient to wait for a buyer for your used car. Plus, you need to watch them do a test drive the vehicle or do their inspections.

With wreckers, they’ll simply inspect your car, fix the payments, and have them removed within 24 hours. It is quick and hassle-free. Some wreckers may offer to tow the vehicle for you while there are others that expect you to pay someone to bring the vehicle to them.

Car Conditions Don’t Have To Be Good

Unlike private buyers who will inspect the vehicles in detail and highly consider the condition of your car, wreckers don’t really care if they have issues or not. Whether your car’s issues are cosmetic or functional, wreckers will still accept them.

Some wreckers still sell used complete cars to other dealers but they mostly focus on salvaging the parts or getting them for scrap metal.

Although they are not really strict with the condition of the car, it could still affect the price that they offer for it. Naturally, cars in better condition will cost more than those that are left for metal scraping and spare parts.

Price Of Your Vehicle Is Lower

If you compare the prices from other dealers or a private buyer to that of the wrecker, expect that it would be lower for the wrecker. They usually offer less but they are willing to buy even the damaged and old cars that other dealers don’t want.

Even if you are in a rush to sell your car, it is still important to know the minimum offer you are willing to take for your vehicle. You still have to do your research so you could be more ready to negotiate with the wrecker.

Differentiate A Wrecker From Scrap Metal Recyclers

Wreckers are those who would buy cars to try to get the various parts that can still be used. They use it as spare parts. Sometimes, they will also be interested in the whole vehicle and sell them.

Scrap metal recyclers will only be interested in the scrap metal value of your car. Usually, they base their decision on the weight of the vehicle and the prices of various metals in the car. In the US, there are about 12 million cars that are recycled every year.

Prepare The Car

Even if you are planning to sell a used car to a wrecker, you still need to prepare the paperwork. You need documentation so that you can prove that the car is yours and you didn’t just steal it to sell it. Plus, you also have to remove any parts that you plan on keeping or selling separately.

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