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Closeup view of someone driving a car during sunset when the sunlight is too bright.

Tips On Driving Under The Bright Sunlight

Have you ever received tips about driving in adverse weather conditions? Many other drivers give you different tips on how to drive when it is snowing, raining or when there’s fog. However, many will fail to remember that driving under bright sunlight can also be dangerous.

Bright sunlight or sun glare can also cause car accidents to happen especially during the early morning or late afternoon. If you’ve tried driving towards the sun, you’ll understand how challenging it is to see. It is very uncomfortable and it is also a safety hazard. Today, we’ll give you a few useful tips for driving under bright sunlight.

Get A Pair Of Cool Sunglasses

Sunglasses don’t only make you look cool, they are also functional too. Even if you think your sunglasses don’t look cool enough, it is still worth wearing them while driving under the sun. They will help dim the light and also protect your eyes from the UV rays. Make sure you keep a pair of them in your vehicle at all times.

Use Your Visor

A sun visor is an accessory that typically comes with most cars, if not all of them. It can be positioned to help block the sun then it could be lifted out of the way when it’s not needed anymore. Sometimes, it can even swivel to the window side, which is quite useful if the bright sun is towards your side.

Window Tinting

Tint on the windows help give you privacy but it is also a great tool for blocking out the sun. Window tints are thin films placed over the window to make them look darker. Just make sure that you follow the regulations when it comes to how dark the tints are. Different states have varying regulations about it.

Avoid Driving During Sunset Or Sunrise

You may think that the sun is brightest at lunchtime, but it actually is more blinding when it is already near the horizon and about to rise or set. Whenever you can, avoid driving at those hours. It will only take a few minutes for that crucial time so just wait it out.

Distance Yourself

If you have no choice but to drive at those times, you could drive more defensively by keeping your distance from the other vehicles on the street. That lessens the risk of crashing into them because of visual impairment due to the bright sunlight.

Sun glare is just one of the causes of a car accident and you may never know when that could happen. In case it does happen to you, make sure you have Once Click Towing Company’s contact number so they can come to your aid for accident recovery anywhere in the Cincinnati area…

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