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Jump Starting Your Car? Here Are Things You Should Never Do

When your car just won’t start and all you hear is a clicking noise when you turn the key, then your battery might be dead. Okay, it’s not really dead, it just doesn’t have enough juice to power up your vehicle. But enough with the technicalities, what you have to do now is to jump-start your car.

Luckily, you’ve done it before or you know the process. Good for you, but no matter how simple it is to jump-start a car, you should still be careful. Don’t carelessly do it just because you’re familiar with it.

Sometimes, people tend to overlook things or become too relaxed in doing the things that they are familiar with. The same is true for jumpstarting a car. It simple and easy that some people get too relaxed doing it and make a mistake.

Here are some of the things that you should never do while jumpstarting your car:

man smoking


Smoking is a personal choice but you should not do it while jump-starting your car. If you really want to smoke, do it before or after you jumpstart the car. It can be dangerous to hold the cigarette because it can cause sparks from the battery. That can be a fatal mistake so if you really want to smoke, do it first before you jumpstart the car.

Handling Without Protection

When handling the car’s battery, it is best to use gloves for protection. Eye protection is also ideal because the batteries have sulfuric acid and it can also produce gases such as oxygen and hydrogen.

Instead of taking the risk of handling the battery without protection, you should wear thick and sturdy gloves. Eye protection should also be worn because if the chemicals get to the eyes, it can cause blindness and other injuries.

Skipping The Manual

Sure you know how to jumpstart a vehicle, but reading the manual makes jump-starting a much easier and smoother process. It also ensures that you don’t accidentally ruin your car just because you thought you knew how to jumpstart it properly.

Different cars may have different specifications. The manuals give owners enough information about the battery so it can be jump-started safely. The manual can also give instructions or tips on how to jump start the car without having the warranty void.

Jump-Starting A Damaged Battery

A battery that has cracks or leaking should never be jump-started. Make sure to check the battery beforehand and see if there are any physical damages. If you notice a crack or the presence of leaking fluid, it is best to call a towing company. Jump starting a battery that has leaks or cracks can lead to an explosion. This is due to the leaking gases from the battery.

Putting The Car In Neutral Or Reverse

When jumpstarting a car, it is important to put it in Park and not in neutral or reverse. This prevents other accessories from drawing current while the car is being jump-started. If accessories are getting the power, it is competing with the car itself to start. Also, power spikes may also damage the accessories attached to the car.

Letting The Cables Dangle

The cables, which are connected to the battery, have a charge. If you let the cables dangle, it can drop into a puddle and cause you to be electrocuted. Also a cable that touches the fender may cause a spark. When jump-starting a car, you should also be aware of your surroundings.

Using Low-Quality Cables

Apart from dangling cables, you should also select the cables you use. Don’t just use them because they are the ones available. Getting high-quality cables can be done as part of the preparation for the winter but it should also be checked all-year-round. Make sure that there are no exposed or frayed wires. Always check them before use. If cables are not in their best condition, it can be very dangerous and even fatal to the person whose jumpstarting a car.

Second Guessing The Process

Even if you’ve watched others do it, there is still a difference in doing things on your own. It is easy to make a mistake and that mistake can be fatal. If you are unsure or uncomfortable in doing the process, it is best to just call a professional to do it for you.

There are roadside assistance companies that even offer 24-hour services.

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